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Fall 🍁🍂

Fall  is a time to be kind and watch the leafs change as time fly’s ,to rack the leafs that fall from the trees and to have a good time,to pick apples from the branches above and to grab a jacket as you leave,happy fall every one !!!

How to Comment : POSTER 📝

Today me and my friend Arena made this poster to show ways that you can make kind comments  and have  responsible question .If you can’t read the photo it says proof read so that you don’t have any mistakes,it also says never use hurtful comments,get a conversation going so you can learn more ab out the blogger,always start with a complement,if you have a conversation going talk about the topic only/stay on topic and if you have any questions be pacific. If  you have any  questions about my poster make sure to comment on my page!


All our light house fourth grade classes went to hike Mount-Philo. That’s about 100 kids hiking a mountain at a time and we all had to fit on only two bus. The bus ride was long but when we finally got to the beautiful mountain and started on our hike. As we walked we took beautiful pictures and socialized.When we got to the top we were surprised to find the most breath-taking view.  I thought I could see my house from the top! We were very excited we were done the hike up.This is a photo of me looking out at the beautiful view.And the other photo is of our whole light house fourth grade classes. I hope that I can hike Mount-Philo again soon!

All About Me 😝 ❤







I  choose excellent because I hope people will learn or think that about me once they know me.

I choose marvelous because I love to try to do my best to help others and have fun with others too.

I choose intelligent because I know I am not really good at math but I also know  I am intelligent for other reasons besides school suspects.

I am loving because when ever my friends and family are sad or down I love to help them and I am very lovable  to my family only.

I am expressive because I love to dance with my siblings or jest alone.I also like to sing with my friends but not in public.

I am also energetic because I love running and swimming in the spring and summer, and in the fall and winter I love to sled and it in not a problem for me to walk back up the sliding.

P.S I also talk a lot.

My Avatar

Hi my name is Emilee and I am here to tell you about my avatar, and why I chose what I did to make it look like me. I customized my avatar to look like me, I only added the features that I think I look like.I first added blond hair and blue eyes.After I added a green shirt and  I know that I don’t need glasses, so I jest left it as it was.Finally I went back and looked at my avatar from last year and noticed that it looked the same.It had blond hair and  blue eyes but I had a blue shirt and a different background.I wonder if the avatar I make next year will look the same too.

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